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    Thank you for your interest in Cozy Kino Wholesale. We make creating a wholesale account easy and simple to order.  For all wholesale inquires please contact  


    Shipping is not included. We are able to arrange shipping at your request and invoice the amount by adding it to the invoice account.

    Payment Method

    We do not offer any term payments to new customers. How can you qualify for term payments? After 6 months of consistently ordering our team will review your account and offer you payment terms. 

    All payments must be done electronically by using a credit card through our system. We do not accept checks or other types of payment methods. 

    Drop Ship Options

    See chart below to find out how drop ship works 

    Cozy Kino Drop Ship

    Contact us

    Please provide your company name, phone number, website, and selling channel.
    Without this information we will not open a wholesale account.